Thursday, November 18, 2010

not again!

i met a guy who is seemingly perfect but he cant be mine because of some cultural things. dear Lord Jesus help me. i haven't just met him. we have been hi friends for some time, i guess about a year now. we have just recently become close and oh my sweet Jesus is he great! some time back i made a list of the kind of man i would like to get married to and guess what, he lacks none of the qualities. i trust that  God all knowing, who loves me more than anything saw this coming. i know my one is out there and in due time he will come my way. it is just that i am looking at this young man and i cant believe he is not the one,but also excites me a bit, if he is not the one yet he is perfect,i wonder how the one is,i am expectant. i am still recovering. it just hit me like a wave this week, so it is kind of agonizing but by Gods grace i will be fine. he even has those small things, which are not key but you wish your guy would have. i love music and so does he, almost with the same passion. only difference is he can sing,like an angel. sometimes his talking voice also sounds like a melody. i saw him take part in a small skit. didn't know he could act. he is so humble,sweet, honest. His conversation is the kind that builds, he speaks life. He is passionate about God, His Word. he is a man of prayer. how do you get over some one you see almost on a daily basis. i choose to surrender you, young man.I cant believe you are not the one, but i know God knows best. find rest my soul in God and his wondrousness, faithfulness and the fact that he is Lord of everything. I need someone to hold my hand through this. hmmmmmmmmm........


  1. amazing stuff, took me while to get this thing working so i can follow you. keep me posted... hope the crush is shifting in the direction you want it to... away! ;)