Monday, March 14, 2011

he likes her

I have this dude friend of mine, so aloof likes acting like he doesn't care that much and yet he does. He is one of the sweet ones but he is a diamond in the rough, you have to at times really be patient or  work extra hard before you get to the good staff. Some people find him irritating or frustrating but i don't really mind him, i guess because i didn't expect too much from him to start with. plus,  I'm gifted, i seem to like people i have to draw out. so i guess I'm sort of one of his " different" friends; treat him different, try and understand him, don't pretend if i don't. All i can say is that it was God's doing but i some how earned his trust, don't know how. He confides in me, tells me certain things and I'm shocked since he rarely gets personal. anyway, i decided some time back that i would be his friend, a good friend, had been through some staff and every one was making him out to be the bad guy. I guess he needed someone to hear his side of the story. i too had judged him then i realised i didn't know that much. i chose not to pick sides, was just his listening ear, spoke only when i had to.Fast forward many months later, i think he is trying to tell me about some  girl. I think he's trying to tell me that he likes her. He keeps bringing her up, or staff about her like asking me about her school.its amazing, she is so on his mind, i don't even know her and he talks about her like we both do. wow....he's hard and soft at the same time, kind like a paradox. I met this girl once and i noticed one thing, so sweet, soft spoken. I used to wonder about the kind of girl he'd fall for and i just realised how wrong we can all be. he likes er and he want to tell me...but doesn't know I feel honoured to be that one friend who can be told the hard staff, the one people get real with. I'm honoured

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