Sunday, January 22, 2012

What a week!

Dear blog, how are you this beautiful sunday evening? I am not doing much today and it is purely by choice. I have had a week full of graduation parties and meetings. Feeling a bit tired,i kind of need a break from it all. So yesterday I attended my last grad party. It was however hard to choose which one to go for because I had been invited to three. I had to choose between a party of an old friend who I had already seen earlier on in the week at another party and a Person I have recently become close to and the friendship is just growing. The latter had the possibility of a DJ,actually it wasn't just a possibility, it was confirmed. I almost lost sleep over it. So at the end of it all, I chose the latter but all so guiltily. The party rocked and it rocked hard! though i had to leave early becxause of a small thing called public transportation and curfew. So i was home at midnight, the latest i have ever entered that house when i'm on my own. Guess who opened for me, my mother! that's right and she welcomed me back, was even smiling...which had me thinking. I think i have just got an extension on my curfew. Well my birthday was during the week so I guess i'm all grown up now. All i need is a job and to finish school. Everything else is beautiful just. I need to go meet up with a friend and colleague;will get back to you. By the way, it is no secret i am a big fan of DJ Peruz. I know it seems random but i just had to say it.

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