Thursday, February 7, 2013

Because men are such "perfect" 2

My friend Annie wrote this; it is a continuation from the previous post after she had recieved a few responses
still the one

(It was not my intention to have the final word, just thought I should first listen to you guys speak after my rant, you may not read it because it's probably as lengthy as it is time wasting but I just felt I should say it anyway because.. I wanna)
I salute y
ou all, your highness-es who have just passed judgment upon me and womankind and found our intelligence quotient dangerously low, our patriotism extinct, self-esteem tear provoking and our moral jar empty. We have nothing else to blame but our hair strands.
I can see how most of you are disappointed and irked over the fact that you have waded through my deepest thoughts and have not even managed to get your ankles wet.
I have only one thing to say, I am human, even worse a woman.

I am sure that by now you are much aware that I do not engage much in the activity of thought, how can I when there are chemicals that have gnawed away at my brain for years? So I shall not annoy you further, I shall not look my elders in their mouths, by saying what I think because I will be insulting “thinking.” So I will speak like my kind and say not what I think, but how I feel.
I feel that the things that lie on the outside of our bodies or the things that are usually seen first e.g fake hair/ real hair, clothes ,makeup, the way I talk or my gestures are a thin crust that stretches over personality. True some aspects may have buoyed from the bottom to the top, but I feel human personalities are a far cry from what is on the outside.

The wild girl beneath is a gentle lamb
The man who rarely speaks, does not have a blank mind
The violent person is not unemotional or insensitive
The girl in revealing clothes is not an easy lay
The boy with who looks androgynous and loves watching soaps is not gay
The girl who runs away from the spotlight does not lack self esteem

Within us are shocking contrasts, We run deeper than you may conclude, I do not have an idea of how it comes about technically but I feel that our souls are grander than our small frames.
This is the twenty second year since I started living with human beings but I have stumbled on this in my way.
We are flesh, the flesh craves and the flesh is weak. These cravings are quite overpowering and It is not uncommon that these cravings lead to our eventual demise.
There is so much information which basically consists of warnings, of the things we ought not to eat or do. There are ugly death statistics glaring at us eyeball to eyeball, but our feet hurry right off to the den where our wants and deaths lie.
It's true with the prevalence rates and incidence levels of cancer one would think women would stop buying hair product and settle for the pain of combing or walk around with shaorines, but no,those who are too cowardly to face a scalp singing from an episode of grooming or can't get over their obsession(which they can’t understand too by the way) for long hair go right ahead, their desire is more overpowering than the fear of death. 

There is also a stack on the shelf of blood chilling documentaries on food, alcohol, narcotics, smoking, meat and sugar in line with obesity, cancer, weird incurable diseases and short life spans, but I can tell you that an alcohol store and a cigarrete plant may make more money than all local schools in a third world country combined.
We eat meat like carnivores and smoke like chimneys, our waistlines are expanding at the same speed as a traveling impulse in the body, but we still cling to our ways. Maybe we need rehab, maybe we need to struggle and overcome this idiocy, but there are many of us who feel like life here is too short to spend in combat with our selves or fighting battles we can never win, so we just light the pipe of peace for our flesh and hearts.
I feel we are still precious gems albeit rough at the edges, even when we perpetually fail to rise above ourselves and be the best. 

Lastly let me request you, even if you are weighed down with busy schedules, not with all the judgment there is to make, and the world and its madness to run, take time off and spend it with our kind, we might not impress you but our foolishness might amuse you .
I am not asking you to drop or alter your opinions of us no, but ask us the questions you already have answers to for instance without interrupting me. Ask me (not what I think but how I feel):
About my country
About myself as a person or woman
Why in thunder’s name I use chemicals
How I feel about natural hair
My africanness
Why I am obsessed with fake hair
Of my self-worth e.t.c
Maybe you will find the same answers or different ones but at least you will have something for you and the likes of you to laugh or sneer about.
(p.s don’t fret, there wont be more Hair yammer coming after this one except upon special request, there no expectations of that too.)

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