Monday, March 30, 2015

Say a little prayer for you

I wrote this for a friend on their birthday. It is one of those friendships where the person is special to you but you do not get to see them often. In such instances, FaceBook is a no no and phonecalls and text messages feel inadequate. I wrote it during a church service. The day before the birthday, pretty sure by the time they saw it, it would be D Day.

I chanced upon it as I was scrolling through my emails and I am amazed. I say this prayer for each one of you reading this; and to the person I originally wrote it for, I am sorry I did not ask for permission to share it but I hope you do not mind sharing in the blessing.

I pray for you
Beloved of the most high
You who carries the fullness of Christ in you
You for whom the Lord gave His son
and with Him all else,I pray for you

I pray for you sight
That blindness may be far from you
That the eyes of your understanding will open 

as the light of Christ is shed abroad in your Spirit

I pray that you will have ears that hear the Spirit of God
That your Spirit will choose to be deaf 

to any voice that is not of the Lord or from the Lord
That,as sheep of His pasture,
you will know His voice

I pray for you the strength of the Lord
That it will keep you through everything 

that the Lord shows you and asks of you
The strength to lay your life down
To let the life of Christ reign in you 

and Adam be put to death
I pray strength for you to embrace and walk 

into all that the Lord calls and has called you into.
The life of Christ.

I pray for you wisdom.
The wisdom of God.
Christ is your wisdom.
That you will know Christ and none else.
That you will know that knowing Christ is knowing all.
That Christ will forever be enough for you.

I pray for your family,
The one that you are apart of now 

and the one that the Lord is preparing for you
and preparing you to be head over,
That the abundance of God's grace and love 

will rule in your households 
because God is king in your hearts.

That wherever you will be,
you will be reminded that you are favoured of God.
He works all things out for you. 

As the Lord leads you in many things and places,
that you will be filled with His Joy and peace,
may He satisfy you with His goodness.

I pray the protection of the Lord over you 
and all that is yours. 
That you will be reminded of His angels 
whom He has given as ministering Spirits,
waiting on the word of the Lord.

With a long and fruitful life,
He will satisfy you.
Everything you touch and are involved in 

shall be fruitful beyond imagination.
You will not follow norms but you will raise standards,
the HolySpirit will always raise the standard for you.

Happy Birthday Friend. Silver and gold have I none,but what I have I give unto thee,a prayer,
I speak the fulfillment of all of God's promises into your life. That you will see them in the land of the living.

And finally,I pray that you recieve it
Yei Bin Adonai --- Be it unto me according to your word. Amen.


Thursday, March 12, 2015

In unexpected Places

We were drunk, not very very but we were on our way there. We were sipping slowly and asking the waitress to keep them coming. We were seeing each other through smoke, no, it wasn't for ambiance. It was cigarette smoke because for some, nicotine and beer go well together. I do not remember how the conversation started but somehow it did and it persisted.

We were talking about God. We were talking salvation. We were talking grace. Two of us being partakers, one not so so, the other openly Atheist but we were talking God. We were not arguing, no, we are friends. We were talking with a level of honesty that alcohol seems to bring forth.

At first, I held my tongue, feeling like so much ground work was needed for such a discussion to be fruitful. I was too conscious of our differences and prejudices. I do not know how it happened, but it was almost like how Jeremiah says there is a fire shut up in his bones (was it Jeremiah who said that?) or when He said the word of the Lord was like burning coals in his mouth. There was a discussion about changes and actions and being good...that is when I spoke up

I even tweeted about it

That is when I spoke up about grace and where grace found me, about journeys and how it is not neccessarily always black and white. About how even the seemingly worst person on earth has a father in heaven who is still rooting for him, wanting him home. A while back, I wrote about journeys, my journey in and outside church society and this is one more on the list of the most unconventional of places I've seen God. Almost drunk at a bar talking about His goodness and still hearing Him reveal things that I wouldn't have otherwise known.