Friday, June 17, 2011

Life is just a great big rock show!!!

" life is just a great big rock show, I'm inviting you to come on let's go...." and so many other things are the words to the song that is at the start of one of the most awesomest but ugliest cartoons ever; Molly O! but is life really just a great big rock show or is it dependent on the genre of music you are into so life could just be one really smooth jazz festival or RnB concert.

I've just been googling a site that just brought tears to my eyes. I watched it on TV one morning many months back as I was ironing preparing to leave home. 99 days, a video diary of a baby who was born with a rare disease and he had about a 2 percent chance of survival.However his parents recorded every single day of his life,everyday they celebrated a birthday for him and the father made a video diary with all the pictures. What is so moving is the gratitude these parents had; they were thankful for the smallest of things and for every little thing that was about their son. They did not complain, cry scream and ask God why them, they were simply grateful for their gift in the form of baby Elliot whom they had to feed through tubes and they had to take turns sleeping because someone had to watch him all the time.

Elliot lived for 99 days and every one of those 99 days was celebrated. I'm 21 and 5 months come tomorrow. There are days, weeks months I have spent, wasted complaining and feeling sorry for myself. I lack nothing, physically; nothing is working against me when it comes to my health. One of the blogs I'm following is called "its a good day to be alive" this just shows you this person's view on life. It reminds me of a song by Nickelback, if today was your last would you spend it? Would you panic, be fatalistic because of all the chances you never got, opportunities you  missed?

99 balloons/99 days.Everyday is worth celebrating as long as you are breathing but even when your time comes to stop breathing, it is a celebration because death is not an end in itself but a means to an end. If I'm running to the loving arms of Jesus, why not celebrate. My bible, which I haven't read in a really long time tells me that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord, to those who have been called according to His purpose. All things. Life is indeed a great big rock show if you decide to go in and watch the show, be part of it, scream with joy and cry with emotion at the realization of dreams. But if you decide to stay outside and complain that the music is too loud or the timing is not right or I'm so late I might as well not go...then life will just be the great big rock show you keep missing and burn with envy as others tell you about it and show you their keepsakes. I'm just saying....

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