Saturday, September 24, 2011

Higher heights

Just in case Papa san or his agents are reading, I so did not steal your album title. These are just words. It's just that life is super exciting these days. I seem to have discovered the more worthwhile side of everything.Yesterday, I was wondering about my life and realised I didn't really start living until 2009. That is when I started the journey of being true to myself thus the endless not missing of concerts even if it meant that I had to go alone. I am discovering better things. A better way to love, a better way to be loved, a better way to hurt even.

At some point I thought alcohol gave a really good high. I have discovered a high without mornings of throwing up and walking around as though half dead. Instead the after effects are, you appear more youthful, more energetic and excited about life. Yes, yes, you say you have heard time and time again but there is no high like love, the love of God. Everything seems brighter. Everything seems clearer and those that aren't, you don't care enough to notice. I have so much on my plate right now but I have learnt how to rest amidst the work. Doors are opening for me, I can see where I am going and it is superb! not anxious about narra! I have learnt when you stop pursuing all else and pursue God and set your mind on things which are above, the rest just come chasing you. Of course I'm a work in progress and I'm still learning but.....AMAZING. Not afraid to cry, not afraid to be real, not afraid to be seen, not afraid to smile, not afraid to be the background, not afraid period! because I am high 24/7. Oh how small everything looks from way up here...

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