Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I miss you. I really do; not in the way I expected but it is still there. It is not that heart wrenching, I wonder how to get out of bed and face the day kind. No, not that dramatic. It is quiet. It is a quiet acknowledgement that things have changed. It is I had a great presentation and wanted so bad to tell you but couldn't because as we speak, you are in transit and have to get a new phone and number. It was a full moon last night. That beautiful full moon that lights up the ground just as much as it lights up the sky. I wanted to send the message, "it's a full moon tonight." Period. No further explanations or trying to make sense; you'd get it, it's a full moon and it's beautiful. Then you'd give me facts about lunar seasons and introduce me to words I've never heard before.

I think I've lost our conversations, in transitioning to a new phone, I think, I've lost our whatsapps. That is a cause for alarm which I would normally bring to your attention first, you know, for advice but I have to wait another 3 or so days to talk to you again. I got new headphones :), new Samsung earphones, can you believe? How sweetly everything works out.

Random moments have been playing in my head , that taxi ride last week when you came to see me at work, the first time I wore the first shirt you ever gave me, beautiful beautiful pink shirt...and you were shocked that I was wearing it, duh!!! that's why you gave it to me, not so? and then yesterday I remembered, or was it this morning, I'm not sure, the day I met you, the day I am sure I spoke to you for a total of 15 minutes, that day when you tried to give me a boost on the swing and got mud on your jeans instead. That time, that time when...deep sigh...there are many, all priceless.

Sakura blossom. I know you get it :)

I've been trying to explain this, and I only have one answer, blessing. Evidence of God's love for me, the people he has put in my life. The ones he has chosen for me as bestfriends.

I miss you and glorious ruins is a beautiful album, I'm listening to it now.


  1. :) but it gets easier after a while; almost getting the hang of this 10 hour difference. You say good morning when you are going to bed and I say good night when you are just waking up :)