Monday, March 17, 2014


So last night I had this dream
where you held my hand;
and even in the dream
I knew this was a special moment
because even in the dream
that simple act had my heart racing and aching
longing to freeze that moment
which is often but a fleeting one…

the other day you came and stood behind me
you bent over my shoulder to reach for something
and the breaths became deeper and slower
trying to savor and keep
yet attempting to fight
the reaction my blood was having to the scent of you
praying you do not see my shaking
struggling to find my thoughts again

but now I wake
and your hand slips out of mine

as must you from my heart
because you have eyes for another
You have taken me hostage 
but you keep from making demands
Tell me, I beseech you 
what I must do to free myself
 from this hold that you have me in


  1. Ahhh ... the literary beauty that can flow from a heart smitten! A special someone must be bursting with pride somewhere ... *

    1. Thank you Solomon, well well..special someone ought to be bursting with pride but special someone doesn't know, girls do not really have the luxury of telling, except of course in poetry

  2. wow such a beautiful blog Gloria. Good job