Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dorcus Mwebaza

From where to start... It is hard to put some things into words. Words define, words limit, words draw boundaries and say, stop here; but how do you put a stop to a story that is just beginning and is still evolving.. I have known my dear Dorcus for coming to 3 years now. Wow, has it been that long already? It seems like just yesterday; like just yesterday, we were sitting on the same bus to Gulu across the isle from each other, like just yesterday I walked up to you asking if it had been you who'd lost your headsets because I had just found a pair and you said, no it was Anna, like just yesterday, we met in that tiny tiny youth office going on and on about how awesome camp was, like just yesterday...

We didn't even know each other's names yet but somehow we were right next to each other :). Sign?

I could break down the various events that have contributed to our awesome hanging out e.g gospel night, church overnights,get togethers at pastors' homes, youth office (just for just), the other day when we ran into each other around the park, praise rallies, cantatas, dinners...but those are a tiny speck in the huge sea of life. We have shared conversations, hopes, jokes and many things on seemingly normal days, but were they really? Didn't that interaction just make them a little more special?

Why do we celebrate birthdays anyway? I think it is because, if you had not been born, this day would just be, just another Wednesday two days after hero's day. I am grateful to know you. I am grateful and honoured to call you friend and have you call me friend. My prayer for you, Zion Dorcus, is that you will forever be mindful of how much father God loves you, that regardless of where you are, He is always mindful of you, always with you and He promises to never leave your side. He who promised is faithful. I pray that His voice shall always trascend any other voice in your life and that His report, the one that calls you Beloved, Redeemed, favoured,Protected, cared for,Powerful, that one is the one that you will believe. That you will know that He goes ahead of you and clears paths for you; while you sleep, He perfects all that concerns you that you may always rest in Him.

I pray that He gives us more years together, that our children's children will play together and even when this hair that we so talk about , turns grey, we shall be exchanging advice on hair styles and home remedies. Here is to many more years Dorcus Mwebaza. Happy Birthday <3 <3 <3

ummph designers :) , there we are again 

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