Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Banange!!! cobwebs!!!

I have been distracted...

I have been distracted by the life I live, at least that is what I think has happened to me over the past year. Last night, as I nibbled on some wonderful cake and sipped on a hot cup of cocoa during bible study, I remembered the journey I was on, or had just started this time last year. Woah! What happened? It feels like it was just two days ago, two days because 12 months later and I'm yet to make progress. I have moved around in circles and sometimes just dug a hole and stayed put, pitched camp, mehn! I was about to have babies in some of these pits.

Anyway, so I'm trying to do a kind of clean up. I have about 3 months to come to the end of 25. 3 months! Yikes! 3 months and then I would have crossed over to what is described as late twenties. My goodness it is like I'm almost 30 yet I at times feel like I'm still experimenting. Still working at some jobs for the experience even if they don't pay that well. Still putting off that permit acquisition, still talking about my trip to Bali as if just wishful thinking, still dating guys for just, it doesn't have to be serious. As if I have all the time in the world! As if I am 19!

My best friend recently came back home after 6 years away for study in Malaysia. I am ecstatic and over the moon. It has been years of growing up away from each other yet we're are still the same in so many ways. When I went to see her on Sunday, we talked about so many wonderful things as we downed the bottle of wine her mother gave us. She is the most brilliant girl I have ever met in my life. She has the most wonderful ideas and she kept saying how she's going to make me a brand and she will be my manager.

I found myself thinking, "I hope this works out"

I live and throw parties in the world of ideation. I never run out of those glorious little ideas but oh my, I have implemented like 2%!!! (TOO MANY EXCLAMATION MARKS, CHILL ALREADY...LOL)

This here was my first blog. Way back in 2010 when I had an itch to write and did not have many writing opportunities coming my way, I started to blog so that I would not forget or give up on my writing. I haven't been here in a while and this year I have written very few posts, yet it is mid September already. This is my more emotional blog, the one where I pour my heart out. The other one, is the more serious one. The site I send people to when I want to convince them to give me writing jobs. It has had more posts than this one but still not enough. I have been distracted...

So this post is my attempt at clearing the cobwebs in my mind and my dreams/ achievements cabinet. Enough with the distraction. Last night I made a decision to get up and move on. Continue on the worthwhile journey I started over a year ago. Enough with the distractions.