Thursday, September 9, 2010


have you ever had a day that simply makes you question whether 24 hours are enough? i have had one of those days and i can't believe i even found time to do this. i have been having a wonderful time learning. yesterday i was in class and i understood every word that came from my lecturer's mouth, designing for steel structures, wow! i was amazed and extremely excited. Isaiah 30:20 says something about God leading you through hard times and teaching you the whole way (paraphrasing) that is what has been going on my ends. i have heard so many sermons about how to win in tough time that i couldn't be more grateful for their timing. this morning i read from Hebrews 5:1-10, it talks about how Jesus learned obedience through the things he suffered, how he was in agony over the task that lay ahead. that really got me thinking. when Jesus was on earth , he was human and he had human emotions, so imagine what he felt knowing he was going to die, the bible tells us he cried to God as in real tears to take the cup of suffering from him. how much does God love us!!!! but still he laid down his will for God's. it had to be done for the greater good,salvation of all mankind. Jesus feels my pain more than any one not just because He is God and he can feel everything but because he knows, he has been there. He knows and understands when the "thy will be done" comes through tears and agony. He is an amazing God, i am in awe of him. He,wonderful, beautiful, amazing, God of the universe loves me. Me, a small human being. he is a very personal God. this very majestic creator, counselor, keeper, healer humours me sometimes. he cares even for the small things like the kind of shoe i want or some days i'm a bit sad and working really had to be joyful and He sends someone along who puts a smile on my face. thank you Lord for trials and tribulations,through them all you remain God. i wouldn't trade them for anything.

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