Thursday, September 2, 2010


i had a tough first week of the semester,it seemed like i was already behind in my classwork even before i could settle down. the responsibilities were waiting for me and they were tending towards overwhelming. spending two months at home made me feel like i was a bit rusty in the areas of leadership, sort of made me doubt my competence. that was last week.
i attend a prayer meeting every Monday evening and it sort of sets my pace for the week,weird, most times Sunday service doesn't do it for me but this meeting does. last week, someone mentioned that it was time to let go. maybe there's staff you had done wrong and you are still beating yourself up about it. it was time to dust myself off and move on. i felt like that message was directly for me. during my internship, i felt like i had displayed none of the work ethic integrity...blah blah i am a strong advocate for. i felt like,after getting the opportunity of a life time, i had messed up. yes, i did mess up and probably missed out on a lot i could have gained had my attitude been different. i let go, i can't do anything about that now but i can do something about now. with that i had a great first week at University.

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