Thursday, December 2, 2010


hey ya! i thought i had changed my font colour to pink, how come i still see black? anyway, supposed to be seriously reading for exams which are due next week but....all work and no play....yesterday a thought occured to me about my friends. i love them with all my heart simply because i didn't know there were people in the world i could connect with this much. then i realised its not them, its me. growing up, i had many complexes(if the word exists) i thought there was totally no one like me, my problems were unique and no one would ever get me. but i discovered i was so wrong, indeed doesn't the bible say there is nothing new under the sun..........i still love my friends(kindred spirits) but i now know part of the reason i love them so much, they are that one person i sought for for so long who is just like me,guess what instead of one i got a multitude. its not them its me...

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