Wednesday, December 29, 2010

beautiful ending

i guess this might be my last blog of 2010. this year has been, wow!!!! it has also gone by so fast. everything i asked for i received, i grew in faith in God and in others. i have never learnt more about love, practically like i have this year. i have been doing alot of baby sitting since before christmas. it has been quite eye opening. earlier this year i developed an ienexplicable great love for babies and everyone seemed to be having babies left right and center. they look so adorable when you know the moment he acts up, you are handing them back to the mum. not so cute though when the mum is away for hours on end and you have to do everything from entertainment, to feeding to bathing to dyper changes then trying to get them to eat, getting messy when eating, getting them to stop crying because they want to sleep.... the list is endless and that is separate from all the other house work you have like cooking and the dishes, your laundry plus trying to have a decent looking house all the while screaming, "baby no....don't..come....please....shoooo..." and you have to say sorry in case you make them angry because they are people too and they get it when you say sorry. i have been enjoying the kisses though, my nephew in particular gives really wet ones. i love trying to guess what word he is saying, is it my name? until you realise he says it everywhere. the unique personalities of these small people is....i've been in this bubble for so long that i haven't really thought that much about 2011. i feel like i should have specific plans, set goals and yet i somehow just want to live one day at a time and see what happens. maybe in the new year i will make those plans. i am tired of living in bubbles,keep getting shocked when i step out,solution? stop living in bubbles. how do i do that? sometimes things are a certain way for so long and everyone you are interacting with thinks and acts the same way that you forget it could be different. i have to widen my mind to keeping other ways of life sort of present in my mind as i continue in the one i am living. i am going to be heading a magazine, a small one, found on a notice board but i am really excited!!!yey i'll keeep you POSTED. see ya 

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