Tuesday, February 8, 2011


 A new year is finally upon us. strange how I'm just saying that now, i should be thinking about valentine's day. anyway so for the update part of my life. i think i might have spoken too soon when i said i had a beautiful ending for 2010 because i fell sick two days later on New Year's eve. but here are the updates, in January, i celebrated(not really) more like had my 21st birthday, my sister's graduation and my brother's wedding. i have been dying to blog about those events but just you wait for the pictures. now they are all in the past....most recent though is new semester is here yey! I'm not that excited, nothing seems to excite me much these days, maybe its just a phase, someone please tell me its just a phase. i took a very big step and the wished i could take it all back then i was confused and totally unhappy, deliberated and...finally i made up my mind i was going to take back what i had said...then i saw him from across the road and my heart skipped, i couldn't stop smiling, what had i been thinking all along. finally i had my answer.i don't seem to have much to say today. been learning alot but still have to organize myself;f before i can tell or teach others, will keep you posted.

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