Friday, February 18, 2011

On my phone

Now I'm not on my phone. the first time i tried blogging using the phone it didn't work out. i don't think i fully remember what the blog was about but let me try. first of all it wasn't my phone, it was my mother's and i was so bored so i figured, what the heck.Just thinking about life and the many things i seem to be passionate about. i love writing and one of these days my best seller i coming out. and since I'm also crazy about children, don't be shocked if its a children's book that comes out first. i love fashion, don't know yet what I'm going to do with that. when i was younger, at some point i wanted to be a model, turns out adolescence wasn't that kind to me, messed with my esteem not to mention my model look. I also wanted to be a designer, not anymore though but i think with a little help and experience i could pull off being a stylist. I love beauty and I'm crazy about pampering, looking into a spa, I'd like to own one. Can  you believe I'm studying to become a building economist/quantity surveyor? where do they all meet? not to mention my love for media so i would one day like to host a TV show, radio show and work for a magazine.A friend of mine believes i can write music, maybe one day, i might even start now. I can write the lyrics, not so good with the tunes though. I forgot to mention, i love decor, interior design is so intriguing. I have a new found interest in food, cooking is also an art. it is so rewarding to eat amazing food after you've put in all that effort. A skill is something developed, when will i do all this? Plus i love public relations so i would like to do PR for some firm or brand. HELP, big dreamer here!   let me go write a song


  1. hey glow, the post didn't show. you could go to edit posts and try re-posting it.

  2. i can see. how do you plan on getting un-caught from this web of dreams? you and i are like 2 peas in a pod! but if i can start figuring things out... then so can you... naye cooking... there is 1 thing we dont have in common!