Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In recent news

Gadaffi killed in the worst way possible, policemen leave dr.Kizza Besigye's compound, UTODA takes KCCA to court and ministers fox us when it comes to oil other more important news! hi friends!!! The amazing many of you who actually read my blog. I am supposed to be doing research on my final year project but I've been sidetracked to blog. A lot has been happening in my life lately. I really thank God for this week because it is only Wednesday and I've already learnt a lot.

Monday might have been my best I had gone to bed sad, discouraged and almost depressed. I was in bed by 9:30pm, now that's early for me, but the Lord soothed me to sleep and when I awoke, He spoke to me truth that just gave my heart wings. He spoke to me of rest. teaching me how to work from rest versus resting from work. He spoke to me about faith and trust. As the day continued, he went ahead to put his words into actions as I stepped out to do things and saw his divine favour upon me. Later on in the night, I had a date with him, amazing. and that was just Monday. He continues to speak to me of rest,joy and peace. Today I read proverbs 16 and it blew me away. I make my plans but at the end of the day God is sovereign, He causes things to work out, and to my good at that! He's on my side, YEY! today, He shows me His love through people. to know that I am that loved! mind blowing and humbling at the same time. oh how He loves me! reminds me of a hymn. "it's so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His word, just to lean upon His promise, just to say thus sayeth the Lord...."

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