Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I know where I am going. There may seem to be many options on my plate but I know which is my portion. that is the beauty of slowing down. Did I ever tell you about my passion for media? Just you watch the space, I even dream about these things. Have I ever told you I love music? Have I ever told you you need to meet me in order to fully understand me. I am tired. I want to be taken on a date, where I'll have personal time discovering another and being discovered. Mutual shock and wonder. I want to get all dressed up and beam with satisfaction as I see appreciation on the face of another even as words may not come. I want to take pictures and laugh over inside jokes. I want to eat ice cream and look at some one from across a table. I want to have a feeling in my heart that my head can't explain, secret smiles....I want to messasge back and forth. I want the anxiety at the though of running into some one. I want to feel special. This is how I get when I'm tired.


  1. need a dress for your date when you get asked? not sure i have anything that could fit you (yes, you're that tiny) but i could come n help you pick out something from your closet....

  2. i am nolonger tiny,sem has been that tough! thanx for the confidence that i'll be asked, hopefully soon, homegirl wants some male attention

  3. hehehe....wabula u young gal no boys allowed untill u finish campus