Friday, November 2, 2012


Let it go on record that I was part of this! When people ask about that day that changed history, I want to tell them as I saw things happen where I was in the front seat, the stage and the background. I want them to point at me and say
"She was not afraid to be heard"

Let it go down as evidence. For when I am apprehended for shining as the light that I am, I will demand a conviction. With my own hand, I write that on this side of the line, I stand. With my own mouth, I dare to say
"You are on the wrong side!"
I put it in a language many wish was extinct but crave for it in secret; truth. With word I hope to clear scales and permeate hearts. Open your eyes and see; light. Open your ears and hear; sound. Open your hearts and receive; hope.
"Yes, it is a new dawn"

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