Friday, February 22, 2013

15000/= too much...

Today is the 22nd day of the month, right? I have spent the whole week weighing what the odds are that we shall be paid this week seeing as I ran out of money last week. It is friday and we still have not been paid. I work for one of those organisations that does not have a definate pay date but last month, I'm pretty sure we were paid around this time. Hmmmm....

I have 15000/= left not just in my pocket, give or take a few coins but in my life! It is usually when you are low on cash that you realise how much you need and want to do that no doubt requires money. Tommorrow, I am going to have breakfast with the kids of God's grace orphanage in Kyebando. I wish I had more to offer them than just my presence. I wish I had been paid so that I give them money. There are like twenty other places I'd like to go over the weekend but I have only 15000/= and I must go to God's grace tomorrow.

I recieved an email today from one of the blogs I subscribe to, a lady who is spending a week in Haiti with her family. As she talks about the poverty and lack which very much resembles that in my back yard, I am reminded that I am beyond previlaged. My heart is drawn back to that place where I just want to give all I have. Where I want to put this cause, at the top of the list of the reasons why I wake up every morning and not just a once in a while, on some saturdays visit. I am reminded that I am not doing this to gain any one's approval but these children, my brothers, my sisters, my children...

And hath made of one blood all nations of men
Look at them, aren't they adorable?

For about a year now, I have been a member of the Lantern Meet of Poets, we have met, not just to discuss the beauty of poetics but my eyes have been opened to my duty toward my country, my kin. My responsibility to speak up, to rise up and be counted, to stop living for me. I am not a politician, that DNA skipped my family tree but my heart has continually been stirred to the fact that my responsibility is towards my neighbour. I have learnt that I may not be able to go to parliament and change policies, make sure funds are not stolen, That may not be my place. However,there is God's grace orphanage, children, who do not just need food and clothing, they need a big sister, a best friend, an aunt and a mother. They need a voice, they need a heart that will care enough to know when one is not well. They need success cards. They need Christmas parties. They need sports days. They need family. All these little things that we so often take for granted. all this treasure at my disposal to give out.

I look at my 15000/=, which guarantees me that I will go to God's grace and back home. At the moment, it's all I have but what if I give all I have. Tomorrow I am going to God's grace orphanage, I am going to get over myself, get out of my shell and not wait to be asked for help. I am going to be the first on the line volunteering to serve porridge, wash cups, register visitors, count children, carry a baby, whatever my hands find and are given to do, I will do it whole heartedly. To love, to serve another, is what I am called to.

What if I give all I have?

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