Tuesday, February 26, 2013

If Only to be innate

I thought I’d write a poem. This time though unlike most times, I got the title and nothing else; but still I thought I’d give it a try. The title sounds too interesting to go to waste. Last night we argued about cars. How for some it is enough for the car to be beautiful; saying it does not matter what horse power it has if it will massage me on my way to a far off land. To others that was a non-issue, how can you be considered beautiful when you are non-functional. We laughed and shouted about what kind of love was better. Funny, the bottom line is we simply loved those cars, it did not matter why. Their names are fancy too. Aston Martin 177, Porsche, Cayenne, I mean, quite exquisite if I should say so myself.

The other day I had a strange dream. I have many of those but this was lovely strange. I dreamt I was riding a bike. I know what you are thinking, that is an ordinary thing. I was a ninja! You should have seen me, flying and swerving and totally unafraid. It was freedom. You see, the thing is, I cannot ride a bike in actual sense. I am not yet confident with my driving skills either but when I awoke, I wanted to do both. All fear aside, I want to drive and ride a bike.
I could have easily been this guy!

There is a certain joy in my heart, as if anticipation. I am going to audition for choir; so I have been listening to music trying to practice. Blame it on Pitch Perfect, it had the same effect on me that glee had; made me want to sing! Made me want to forget my vocal short comings and just try. So Now I am constantly doing voice drills and singing under my breath, whispering in the bathroom. I want to sing! Last night we were talking about Japanese animation and how it is just the best in the world. So, a couple of days from now, a few friends and I are going paint ball fighting. I am so excited at even just the thought of it. Bankai!!!! This means war!!!

Innate. The few times I have heard it used, led me to believe it meant non-living objects. These things that people have a tendency to obsess about but Microsoft word has given me synonyms like Distinctive, Inherent, intrinsic; Words that seem profound. Yet, the poem I wanted to write would have been ‘if only to be innate, then maybe my object of desire would want to have me. ..blah blah‘
Earlier today, I was thinking about what a perfect date would look like for me. I love to eat, yes but that doesn’t take first place in my world. I want fun and games. I want silliness. I want Didi’s world, bumper car rides, Ferris wheel, face painting and paintball fights. I want picnics where we try to sing not caring whether we sound nice or not but sing because our hearts are full. I don’t have a boyfriend and that, in the past could have easily had me wishing for someone to share all this with but…

Have you met my friends?

They are the nuttiest awesomest people in the world! True story. Hands down (something I often say with my hands raised, I wonder why).  My little group of friends, is innate (I don’t even know how to use that word). They are Distinctive, Inherent, Essential, Deep down and all the other synonyms for the synonyms Microsoft word has given me; intrinsic.
Yes, we were using public transport!

I learnt a new word yesterday, Indelible. My friend said,

“The Holy Spirit’s work in us is indelible” Cannot be erased, un deletable, wow! We may not be able to see it physically but…

“The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit” John 3:8 NIV
That's Oba in the background

I believe friendships are part of the Holy Spirit’s work. How He got such a strange bunch of souls to find each other! I cannot explain but I know it; and it is indelible. Thanks Oba, for that new word; and thank you everyone for being my friend. Thank you God for everything!


  1. just try not to ride the bike while driving the car. i worry...hehehe
    nice read.

  2. Hehe..nanti when I'm feeling ninja like. Thanks