Friday, June 21, 2013

Yes, I'm a grown woman!!!

"I'm a grown woman, I can do whatever I want" says Beyonce.
Well, Mrs.Jay Z, maybe because you can afford whatever you want, you can even name your children colours or directions like our lovely Kim K. This sounds like the kind of song you sing when the alcohol is kicking in and you are at a girl's night out or in but most likely in because it is much cheaper and you have to sleep at some point to be in time for work the next day, Saturday.

I am a grown woman, I am 23 and about 5 months old, I can already hear 24 knocking and asking me what I have done with my life. Unfortunately, whatever I want has a price attached to it; sometimes it is monetary and other times it is in kind, time, feelings, bla bla...
I am a dreamer and the biggest cheerleader for other people's dreams there is, I dare you to take me up on that! So, ofcourse I have friends calling me out on my dreams encouraging me to take action; sometimes, it is something I see in a blog about living on the edge and I want to scream, I am that girl!!! But I am a grown woman, I have to plan for whatever I want. So this is what grown woman me looks like at the moment

Things I must do!!

1. Bunjee jumping before the year ends...hence save for about 3 months which leaves you with 3 months to the end of the year, will you be able to get time off and travel and will you have company?

2. Get a tattoo, save for it for about 2 months but also look for the best artiste in town and settle on something you will not regret in a place you, still will not regret

3.Start living on my own, might not be feasible for another year because you need a really fat pay cheque for that and currently you are barely making ends meet; are there even any studio apartments where you stay?

4. Just settle for redecorating your room...Save for about 6 months, get maybe 3 extra jobs, that will pay for the paint, the labour, the new furniture and little other thingies you want for your room

5.Learn to value yourself, seriously, you should by now be able to attach a monetary value to time spent doing work for people, your awesome passionately delivered ideas so that you stop barely making ends meet! So, how much are you expecting?

6.Maybe it is about time I figured out how to make money from blogging.

7. Sell my impossible to walk in graduation shoes and buy sensible party shoes because I am a hot powerful, grown a** woman!

I'm a grown woman, I can do whatever I want as long as I can afford it and I wont have to walk to work for half the month for lack of transport or not make plans with friends just because I can't afford to go anywhere.

Growing up is awesome!!!!!


  1. Gloria, we are so alike!!! I cannot belive it!!! I have been thinking of getting a tatoo, I want to live alone (plans are underway for constructing a studio house (I am doing all sorts of jobs to raise money for the construction and ofcourse furniture). The grad shoes...I bought some really nice boots that I get to wear on some cool nights so cannot be selling mine soon:)

  2. Hehe..I knew I was not alone! I love your focus, you are constructing s studio house?! my oh my

  3. Yeah, thats what I am going to do trying to save as much as possible...dont be worried it will not be just the studio; there will also be a 'normal house' as well haha probably for rental purposes.