Monday, September 16, 2013

A rose for my Rose

60. There has been 60 years of your beauty, fragrance and sweetness. 23. I have spent 23 years leaching off of this.

For 60 years you have been on this earth and you’ve dedicated 23 of those to loving me selflessly. I do not know any one else on earth who is willing to give their all to me and not just in a hypothetical situation but I have seen you do it. From watching you, I have learnt the value of generosity and selfless living. I have seen strength, courage and resolve that even at more than 2 decades old, keeps me running back to you in times of trouble. Over the years, you’ve grown from just being my mother, to my cheer leader and my friend; you display your heart so honestly, inviting me to do the same.

Happy birthday to you Mummy. There is not enough money in the world to give you what you deserve but even the things that money can buy, I can not yet afford those that are worthy of a rose so precious. All I have is my heart, my dear mother and a rose, a rose filled with prayers that the Lord grant you 60 more, to see my children's children's children; perfect strength to carry them in your bossom and a Spirit forever mindful of His love. A birthday rose for you, my Rose.