Friday, August 15, 2014

My muse is back :)

You have very brown eyes
How is it that I had never noticed the shade of your eyes?
Smooth like chocolate, brown like caramel
Sharp and piercing
Did you see all the way to my soul?
They reflected that early morning light
No, they absorbed the light and glowed from within
With an intensity that etched the image on my brain
I’m scarred with a memory
So hauntingly beautiful

You have  very smooth skin
Beautiful in the most right way a man’s skin can be
Breathing, alive and calm
I like the subtle strength of your jaw line
Has a bone more perfect ever been made?
The way it sets when you are in deep thought
The way it softens when you smile

You have a good spirit
Calm and trusting, humble yet confident
It expresses a depth that can not be your own
a source so powerful and so attractive
You have a soothing Spirit
An aura of peace
A constant juxtaposition of  contentment and expectancy
I want to catch what you have.

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