Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Reflections and Bucket lists

It's been a while since I have been here. How many blogs do I start like this?

I am having one of those days, you know the kind...reflective days. It usually happens as I am approaching my birthday which is in the first month of every year. I have to wait an entire year to celebrate my birthday agin, so you can't blame me.

About 3 years ago, I came up with a bucket list, reading it now, there are some things I cringe at and others I had actually forgotten about. Here is the list:

1. fall so deeply in love/ find my best friend
2.sing in a choir
3. write for a fashion magazine
4. appear in a magazine, cover would be awesome
5. appear on a billboard
6. learn about photography an outfit
8. host a radio/TV show
9. teach my younger siblings about God
10. live on my own
11. bungee jumping
12. surfing
13.write many many books
14. travel to Australia
15. meet Bebo Norman

Let us examine this list with 3 years of wisdom added onto my life.Let us start with the ones that are still valid. Well, 3,4,5 and 7 are things I believe I have outgrown. With the introduction of Social media, anyone can self publish any where at any time. I am on the cover of my facebook page. I have been lucky enough to make friends with a few photographers, it is fascinating. Most of these things, you have to teach yourself and will most likely learn from experience. Ofcourse you will learrn the basics of how to set the lighting and the focus but then afterwards it is up to you to be creative with your photos. It is amazing and it is something I am planning on pursuing, not professionally but simply for the joy of capturing the beauty that is around us, be it in moments or things or people.

I am not going to say something about each of these. They are simply too many. Singing in a choir has turned into joining a band playing the ever so awesome Triangle, and I am not kidding. That is my instrument of choice. (Dear Mirembe, this band should start soon). Bungee jumping is happening in January next year, latest February and along with it I have added hiking and vising sipi falls, that place is so breath taking. I will surf when I go to Australia and I have no idea when I will meet Bebo Norman, a man whose music has totally blessed my life, but to that I have added switchfoot, the band of my life!

I am working on those books. Step 1 has pretty much been trying to be consistent with my blogging, it helps me become a better writer. However, on some days, it does sound like an excuse, if I want to write a book, I should just write a book. I promised my 4 year old nephew that I would write him a book. This is something I must do.

Number 8, it is hard to talk about this one without feeling like crying a little. 3 years ago, it was simply a dream, scratch that it seemed more like wishful thinking. It was one of those things you wish for but hardly believe will ever happen like meeting Santa Claus on christmas eve in your Ugandan house! I was in my 3rd year at the University, in the Faculty of Engineering, with zero radio connections and experience. All I had were prayers that I did not believe 100%. 3 years later, one 9-5 (which lasted 2 years) later, a few free lance gigs some paid for, many not, a quarter life indentity crisis that may have lasted a year, later, here I am.

The way it all happened is seemingly surreal. One day, I was sitting at my desk on the verge of tears because I felt I could not take a life of passionless work anymore, the next I was dancing like no body was watching (because no body was) because I had just recieved a phone call being invited to do a voice demo. The process at some point had started getting exhausting because my canaan had way too many giants but it happened. Here I am, 3 years later, starting work on Monday morning, taking a very huge step in the realisation of a dream so close to my heart. I know for some people, 3 years is nothing, people have hustled for 10 years, I get it. It has taken over 3 years to get to step 1 and I am beyond grateful.

This time round, as I turn an age I will not disclose but you can guess from reading some of my older posts,I am determined to be content. Yes, a lot has not gone my way and so many times I feel like I am lagging behind in what people ought to have achieved by my age. I mean, considering the number of years I have been working and the hours I have put in, I should probably be richer. But I am content. The Lord has been good to me, and He is continuing to be. He has shown me that he is in charge and he is aware. Life is al right. Everything will be al right. I am living life, one dream at a time.

So, Tune in to 95.9 Touch Fm or stream live at on Monday Morning, and every day after that from 6-10am and listen to me be awesome. :)


  1. You cracked me up with the facebook cover photo. keep living the dream.

  2. Accidentally, I am doing mint tea right now.

  3. Banage, nange ka mint tea nkaagala! It should be a date Guulo.

    Kati, here been with you while going through some of these motions, I am not ashamed to say. You are my hero. They may say my heri standards are low but I disagree. For each little yes matters. Each dream is valid and acceptable.

    I used to dream about making a big impact on the world( I gave it up sometime ago), but now I pray to live in now. To see, to notice. Even though my eulogy might be a sentence long, 'God bless her soul', I really don't care. Should make this a blog post.

    1. Thank you so much my dear, we have struggled together indeed! and do not listen to what people say, I am a good hero...hehehehe ; Present #oneword365

    2. and 'God bless her soul' is a perfect eulogy

  4. Mama is lucky i knw u PS: i nid mi some mint tea too

    1. hehe...thanks Mama...we need to do that mint tea sometime, let me first consult my accountant :)

  5. I am proud to call you friend and be a fan as i watch your dreams come to life!