Friday, April 20, 2012


I dream about you only in the sweetest way
Any one can dream of another.
I want to walk away from you
Suspense is painful, yet confirmation is scary
I pray about you more than I even pray for you
I seek advice and try it but nothing seems to work
As if you are hidden deep within my heart
That even I, wanting to
Cannot remove you.
When I think I’m okay,
Just the thought of you has me writing poems.
When I think I’m okay,
Just mentioning your name has me all smiles
When I think I’m okay,
You walk in and I feel like I’m in a movie
Everything happens in slow motion
My heart leaps and so does my stomach
I smile and wonder for how long I can stare before I’m caught
I take mental pictures of you,
Not that many, for I fear to look straight at you,
Thinking my eyes might give me away
I have movie archives in my brain
Picture so clear, Hollywood would be threatened
That time when you told me your name
That time when we talked about God
That time when you teased me
That time when I teased you
That time when we just both smiled
That time when you asked for my help
That time when I will know for sure.

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