Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mid-year crisis (Circles)

Recently I have been feeling funny, and not in the sense that when I think of myself or look at myself in the mirror I laugh but in the sense that I just wanted to give up on me. I have just realised that the mid-year months i.e May,June,July and sometimes August are usually the most profound months of my year, most years. Usually,I feel like I am coming close to either a nervous breakdown or I'm heading full speed towards a deep deep deeper than deep depression or ...numbness, lost. I keep on fighting because well,I believe I was created to enjoy my life.

With every year comes new things that are usually super exciting Jan to March, then April sets in and....I have decided, seeing as I have noticed early this time to nip it in the bud. I was listening to Joyce Meyer the other day and she said we have to learn to resist the devil from the onset, wait or was it Andrew Wommack? doesn't matter, the point is bible says resist the devil and he shall flee from you. Ok maybe, I have faltered in ways I thought I could never falter in again, or this year's June July and August slightly resemble last year's. That is just what it seems like. The reality is I have grown, I have learnt stuff, I have seen stuff, I have been through things in the past 12 months that definitely make a difference. What beat me last year better get ready for some butt kicking this year. I refuse to give up on me! No, I'm not living in circles but rather I'm walking straight, it is a linear progression.

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