Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I'm practicing sleeping in silence. Silence. No music, no TV, no conversations with myself or any other invisible people in the room. I'm practicing many things, things I didn't mind doing before I developed or discovered I had my own personality. I am trying to find my love for reading novels so that the next time I say I love reading, it's not a lie. Silence seems like a luxury these days, a lot of noise in and out of my soul,somethings/some evil one made his way into my soul and stirred up a bit of confusion.

You see, I don't know what you see but I know who I am. I know whose I am, and the one to whom I belong is so amazingly indescribable. My eyes had been tamed,taught that they are bound to be wrong or to have defects but to always rely on their counterparts,the spiritual eyes; word eyed vision. My ears too,told that there might be moments of being clogged with all the wrong things, but to listen to the still small voice of Truth. Then I saw, and word eyed vision said my emotions were being confused by what wasn't real. Andy Mineo calls it fool's gold. It isn't treasure, it is trash! My ears held on for what they thought they would one day hear. One of these days, this thing before me is going to turn out just right. If I give this frog the right kiss, he will turn into my Prince; but how many kisses will I give it before it is the right one? The voice of truth told me it wasn't my place to make that frog a prince,I knew it, I just didn't listen because I was running from one thing to another looking for a reason to justify staying where I knew I had to depart from. I had to leave Egypt's gold and its idols. Sure the scenery was cool but false all the same.

So,I'm practicing sleeping in silence. I have heard so much that I don't want to hear anymore. Things from the outside that do not agree with the nature of me,spirit. I stay still, I say nothing, I don't even bother to try and think of anything. Brain be quiet,World, shut up,my Spirit is listening to THE Spirit.